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A & A Auto Care Co., Inc.

Competitive tire prices

You trust us with your other vehicle maintenance, let us take care of your tires, too!

Allow our ASE-certified

technicians to take a look under your vehicle.


No job too big or too small for our team of technicians

We want your car functioning at its peak performance and to stay that way. That is why we provide complete undercar service to our customers.

Our undercar services include:

• Alignment

• Brakes

• Chassis

• Driveline

• Exhaust

• Shocks

• Tires

• Wheels

Quality undercarriage care

Can you count on your brakes? What about your tires? When you have work done at A & A Auto, you will not have to question the stability of your vehicle. We check each vehicle to make sure it is running safely and efficiently.

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