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• Always consult your owner's manual first, but a good rule of thumb is to have the oil filter    

  changed regularly (every 3,000 to 4,000 miles).

• Have all fluids checked, especially brake, power steering, transmission / transaxle, windshield

   washer solvent and antifreeze. These fluids play a large role in the safety and overall

   performance of the vehicle.

• Check tire inflation. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency. This is the least-

  expensive form of preventive and safety maintenance. Tires should be checked once a month.

• Keep your engine tuned. A fouled spark plug or plugged/restricted fuel injector can

  reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent.

• Have the chassis lubricated frequently. This step extends the life of the moving components of

  the vehicle's suspension system.

• Check battery cables and posts for corrosion and clean them as needed. The battery fluid also

  should be checked and filled if it is low, unless it is a maintenance-free battery.

• Have the lighting system checked frequently, including headlights, turn signals, and brake

  and taillights.

• Check windshield washer blades for cracks, tears and windshield contact. Replace them at

  least once a year, or sooner if streaking begins.

• Inspect engine belts regularly. Worn belts will affect the engine performance. Look for cracks

  and missing sections or segments.

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