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Will your tires carry you safely through the winter? Let us take a look- if you need tires, we can offer you competitive prices on the brands that you want!

There is no better time than before the New England winter storms to make sure your tires will carry you safely through the snow.

Please call with questions, or to schedule your appointment.

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Don't skimp on experience or quality when it comes to your vehicle.

Here at A & A Auto Care we are a full-service automotive repair center, and we have over 100 years combined technician experience to keep your car, SUV or light truck running smoothly.

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If you can't make it to us during normal business hours, we have a night drop box so that you can leave your vehicle when it's convenient for you.


Simply print out our night drop form, fill in your information, and leave it with your keys in the drop slot.

Night Drop Form

night drop form